Beach corridor to be completed in 20 months

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Beach corridor to be completed in 20 months. Traffic jams are the main problem on the Bridge of the Americas to La Chorrera-Arraijan highway. For that reason, the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) has commissioned two mega projects: the fourth bridge over the Canal and the widening and refurbishment of the Panamerican Highway, the main route to the country’s interior which will be finished in less than two years.

YouTube video about the Beach Corridor

The first phase of the Beaches Corridor (Corredor de Las Playas) will begin at the end of the Arraijan-La Chorrera highway, in La Espiga and will continue to the entrance of Santa Cruz, before the crossing Lagarto river, Chame. The corridor will measure 36.3 kilometers and will have six lanes (three on each side) and will cost approximately $543 million. On its second phase it will go up to San Carlos.

Additionally the project contemplates the design, construction and maintenance of interchanges and vehicular bridges to improve the interconnection between the end of the Arraijan-La Chorrera motorway and the new, widened Panamerican Highway in La Chorrera. It will identify the critical points and find solutions for them. The maximum speed on that road will be 80 kilometers per hour.

Other improvements include exits around the towns of Capira and Chame, whose entrances at the moment are cordoned off at weekends and national holidays, causing all sorts of problems for the inhabitants of those areas. It will also eliminate the left hand turns and central reservations, which are responsible for 60% of gridlocks and traffic accidents.

It is expected that the project will finish in 20 months. The works seek to improve the traffic flow, not only for heavy cargo, but also for commuters who use this road on a daily basis. It should have enough capacity to absorb the demand for the next 20 years.

In addition to these works the MOP is also developing other works such as the Fourth Bridge over the Canal, the widening of the Bridge of the Americas to eight lanes, the existing Arraijan-La Chorrera Highway, as well as the second phase of La Chorrera to San Carlos Corridor.


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