ByHours: the app that allows you to book rooms and space by the hour

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BYHOURS: THE APP THAT ALLOWS YOU TO BOOK ROOMS AND SPACE BY THE HOUR, It seems to be that there are apps for everything nowadays and you can organize your life around your android telephone. The Spanish entrepreneur Christian Rodriguez has brought to Panama an application that allows you to reserve a hotel room by “packs” of three, six and twelve hours and you can decide when you check in and check out.

This is an innovative idea based on “payment by usage”, that way the user and the hotelier benefit. The guests can use the room when they need it and only pay for the time consumed. The hotels can increase their revenue by renting the rooms more than once a day and capture new clients.

ByHours Promotional video from Youtube

“ came about from my own experience as a user. Most hotel chains are willing to adapt to the necessities of their guests in terms of needs, tastes and lifestyle, but they were inflexible with regards to the hours where you can check in and check out; especially when your flight is first thing in the morning. solves that problem,” said Rodríguez

Recently BYHOURS launched a tool called Meeting By that will allow hotels to commercialize and distribute their meeting rooms per hour, so they can use it for short meetings, networking exploiting the concept of a micro-meeting.

ByHour is easy to use.

Currently 14 hotels in Panama use this application, which can be downloaded in Apple App Store, where the customer has more than 1,500 options to choose from. By Hours is ideal for flights close to hotels and airports, you can rest after a concert or business meetings. You only need a credit card to reserve the room. For more information visit:



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