The most haunted mansion in Panama

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THE MOST HAUNTED MANSION IN PANAMA, There is a new haunted house in Panama capable to make the bravest among us tremble, “The Dark Mansion, Horror Experience”. The mansion resembles the terror rides commonly found in amusement parks all over the world and is located in the former Rino Restaurant, Avenida Federico Boyd. It will be opened to the public in time for Halloween from Friday, October 27 until Wednesday, December 13.

The haunted mansion “Dark Mansion” has been designed by Leonard Pickel, who has over 30 year experience designing and operating these types of structures. He has created over 80 original and innovative Haunted Attractions. His creative accomplishments include design and sales of the industry’s first turn-key Haunted House ‘kits,’ and the first Haunted Attraction adaptation of the “Field Theory” (the triangular grid system).

The haunted house has a series of passageways with cells on either side, in which serial killers like Jason, from the “Friday 13th” movies, Mike Myers and Freddy, the child killer from “Nightmare on Elm Street” are imprisoned and ready to grab you if you come to close to them.

To add to the thrill, ghosts are floating around while you try to get your way out of this truly nightmarish mansion. The dark surrounding, with flashing lights and mournful sounds will make you feel really afraid, so it is better to go with a group of friends and make fun of each other.

Tickets for “The Dark Mansion, Horror Experience” cost $14.22 and are for sale at The doors open at 6:00 p.m. For more information visit


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