Veraguas and its seafood

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VERAGUAS AND ITS SEAFOOD, The Festival of the Seafood and Crab from Montijo will take place from Friday 27 to Sunday, October 29 in the fishing village of Montijo, Veraguas province. This event aims to maintain alive the customs and traditions of the area, as well as highlighting the fish and seafood variety that this region has to offer.

The festivities begin on Friday 27 with the crowning of Her Majesty Aracely Rodriguez Peccio at 7:00 p.m. by a street party in the town center, with tuna (wind and drum instrument band playing Panamanian typical music) and will conclude on Sunday 29 with a parade of oxen pulled carts.

During the festival there will be different seafood related competitions for children and adults. One of them consists on having to tie up a crab using a string without being the victim of the crustacean pincers or let it escape, which is very entertaining for spectators.

Another popular contest is the sugar cane milling utilizing a traditional apparatus used by peasants to extract the cane juice. The ladies have their own competition and will make corn tortillas that will be roasted on an open fire.

Montijo is a small town located close to Coiba National Park and the gulf with the same name. To get there take a bus to Santiago from the Albrook Bus Terminal and a second one from Santiago to Montijo. The trip takes approximately five hours.


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