Aguadulce has the biggest Christmas tree in the region

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Aguadulce has the biggest Christmas tree in the region

The town of El Cristo of Aguadulce, Cocle province has the biggest Christmas tree of Central America. It measures 100 feet and around $20,000 has been invested in its decoration and fireworks.

The tree has more 8,500 lights, including a star that is over six feet tall and 249 light bulbs and 80 light displays, as well as a computerized system that control the light and music of it. It is so sophisticated that microphones and USB with audio can be connected during the activities which take place around it during the month of December.

The locals adopted this tradition 23 years ago as a way to celebrate Christmas and create an attraction for national and international tourists during the month of December. The first tree that was installed in 1994 only was 60 feet height.

Check out Aguadulce’s 2013 Christmas Tree on YouTube

Every year the residents of El Cristo organize activities to collect money for the tree and its decoration.

Professor Gilberto Pinzon, who is one of the organizers, said that the idea was conceived so the children will enjoy Christmas and the birth of Baby Jesus in Bethlehem.

It is estimated that around 7,000 people come to El Cristo to see the tree. During the whole month there is carol singing, reenactment of the Nativity and other activities related to Christmas.

El Cristo is one of the oldest towns in the region. In pre-Columbian times it was inhabited by an aboriginal community for a period of several centuries.

According to studies by the archaeologist Cook, this community is similar to the pre-Columbian site of the Sierra at the edge of Santa Maria. The history of El Cristo goes back to the founding of Nata, by which time El Cristo was a cattle farm of the Spanish. Now has another claim to fame, the biggest artificial Christmas tree in Central America.

biggest christmas tree in Panama

The enormous Christmas tree.


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