Mother’s Day in Panama, a special occasion

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Mother’s Day in Panama is very special, and unlike other countries around the world, it is a national day where all the public and private companies are closed for business. On Friday, December 8, it is customary for the family to get together and have lunch. Restaurants and hotels are busy during that period.

Many companies organize a special lunch before December 8 for their female employees who are mothers as well as giving small gifts to recognize their importance as workers and the cornerstone of society.

Some people, who live in Panama City, but have mothers, grandmothers and other relatives in the interior, take the opportunity to travel to the provinces in what is an annual pilgrimage before Christmas. Sometimes you can see four generations together at these family lunches that last all day long.

Normally the kids bundle together with their guitars in a car at midnight and proceed to sing songs to each one of their mothers until about 5:00 a.m. This lovely custom probably began in Spain and spread to the rest of Latin America.

On the days before December 8 the malls are crowded as last minute shopper try to find the perfect gift for mothers, sisters, wives or grandmothers. Florists have their best day of sales after Valentine’s Day.

December 8 was selected as Mother’s Day for being the day of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which is an important date in the Roman Catholic calendar and it is part of the colonial heritage of Panama.

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