Panama, ideal destination for Chinese tourism

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Panama, ideal destination for Chinese tourism

The tourism exchange that has been initiated with the People’s Republic of China will boost Panamanian tourism, since the country was designated as an “Approved Tourist Destination” by this Asian nation after a recent official visit to that country.

The Tourism Minister of Panama, Gustavo Him, said that a great opportunity has opened for Panamanian tourism with this designation and he highlighted the fact that Panama has attractions that are appealing to the Chinese market such as history, culture, ethnicities, nature and the Canal.

“We have tourist resources, the closeness to the sites of interest and hotel infrastructure to satisfy and take care of the needs of this class of tourists,” pointed out Him.

Chinese tourists’ group trips to Panama will be arranged by authorized Chinese operators who will create tourist packages to the Isthmus, and will be incentivized by the recent implementation of stamped visas for Chinese citizens and from March 2018, Air China will have direct flights to Panama.

The opening of this new route will allow both nations to open the space to establish commercial and cargo flights.

Panama is an attractive destination for China.

Panama has become the tourist gate for the Chinese market to Latin America, due to the advantages that it offers in connectivity as the most important air hub of the region.

According to the World Tourism Organization, China is the biggest contributor to tourism in the world and classifies among the five countries with the highest expense index.

China has a healthy tourist sector. Trips abroad have increased by 270% and it expected that they will reach 200 million departures by 2020.


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