Polyphase at the Amador Theater

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Polyphase at the Amador Theater

POLYPHASE is back in the music scene in Panama and the world with their new material/record “Reconnecting”. After a successful launch and exposure of their previous record, “Rad Summer” in Dec./2013, POLYPHASE received a 30 minute special on MTV Latin America (April/2015), which included their last 9 videos that received rotation on that channel. They began recording new songs in mid-2016, some of which were already composed since 2015. They abstained from LIVE performances for over a year to dedicate complete concentration to their new work.

The new record “Reconnecting” has a wider spectrum of music, more “mainstream”, and commercial without losing the essence of POLYPHASE. As always with POLYPHASE’s records, there is a fusion of genres in a very melodic and rhythmic, eclectic compilation; this is reflected in their first, recently introduced, single, “Dansu”, a song best described as New Retro Wave Indie-Pop Rock. It is very easy to listen to, and is currently airing on most Panama radio stations. “Dansu” also has a “Lyric Video”, which can be viewed at: YouTube.com/Polyphase/Dansu.

This record contains 12 varied songs, including 3 in Spanish and 9 in English. It has several collaborations, including “Esto No Es Fisica Nuclear” with the renowned singer/songwriter Lilo Sanchez. The music can be characterized for its “Rythmic Groove”, and its composition is more elaborate while being simple at the same time, offering the listeners an energetic and interesting diversity.

Promotion for POLYPHASE’s new material will begin officially with the launch of the Physical CD on Wednesday, December 13th at Teatro Amador, in the old section of Panama. There will be Guest Musicians, and POLYPHASE will give away a Free CD to ALL those who bought tickets, whether they are purchased at Pre-sale from Rock & Folk (@$10) or at the Box Office of Teatro Amador (@$15). The doors will open at 8:00 pm for acclamation, and POLYPHASE will take the stage at 10.00 pm promptly.


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