One thousand Polleras in Las Tablas


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One thousand Polleras in Las Tablas



The Panamanian national dress will be celebrated again in the “Parade of One Thousand Polleras” that will take place in the town of Las Tablas, Los Santos province on Saturday, January 13. This year more than 15,000 girls and women will dress on their best typical garment for this traditional celebration.

The Panama Tourism Authority said that the parades will maintain its traditional route departing from Calle Paseo Carlos Pérez, in front of the Government Palace, and the order of the delegation will be sorted through a draw, with the intention to make the event more colorful and orderly at the same time.




“Empolleradas” at the “One Thousand Polleras Parade” of last year.



There will a series of folkloric and cultural events, before and after the parade that includes dirty devils dance, music courtesy of national musicians, handicraft exhibition and much more.

If you cannot go to Las Tablas, do not worry, the “One Thousand Polleras Parade” will be televised on the local TV channels.



1000 Polleras Parade in Panama on Youtube:


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