Panama is on the list of 12 destinations to visit in 2018

Machu Picchu destinations

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Panama is on the list of 12 destinations to visit in 2018



Paco Nadal, the Spanish journalist who writes a blog about travel for the daily “El Pais”, has included Panama in its recent list of 12 destinations to visit in 2018, which is in good company with Japan, Peru and Holland. He is forecasting that the world tourism outlook is good, because this sector is continuing to grow and this is good for the country that has invested a considerable amount of money and effort promoting its attractions.

According to the journalist, Panama was his greatest discovery of 2017, because it is more than suspicious papers, tax havens and the Canal. Nadal was very impressed with the savage nature practically untouched in many parts of the country with beaches and coral reefs, like the ones in Bocas del Toro and islands where you can get lost in the Robinson Crusoe style, like in the Gulf of Chiriqui and the tropical cloud forest.




Islas del Golfo de Chiriqui



Another destination recommended by Nadal in Latin America is Guatemala, a country where 51% of the population is indigenous and they maintain their culture and languages which are alive in places like the Atitlan Lake and Chichicastenango. There you can find Antigua, one of the best preserved colonial cities of the Americas, the incredible Mayan ruins of Tikal, volcanoes, Dulce River, Livingstone and the Garifuna culture.

Nadal also selected Peru, and he called it the most complete country of South America from the tourism point of view. It has jungles, snowy mountains, colonial cities, a rich culture and the magical site of Machu Picchu. For those who are looking for history and archeology they should explore the Moche route in the north coast, which is relatively unknown.



Machu Picchu destinations

Machu Picchu



Chile was another discovery for Nadal who was amazed by its deserts, glaciers and the Valdivian forests of Patagonia. His last Latin American selection was Mexico a country rich in culture and history, as well as natural beauty, a place you will want to visit many times to unearth its present and past.


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