Actor excited to be part of Panama the musical

Henry Twohy actor in Panama: the musical

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Panama the Musical will premiere on Thursday, February 1, at the Athenaeum of the City of Knowledge in Clayton. The cast is geared up and ready to perform in this play of music, love, opportunity and gangsters set in Panama in 1927. Henry Twohy, one of the actors, who plays the roles of the RCA Bossman and Casanova can’t wait for the show to begin.

Twohy is an actor and voice-over artist born in the former Panama Canal Zone. He has been active in local theatre for the past 7 year and is a member of the Improv8 comedy troupe. He has performed in plays such as “Groundhog Day”, “Woman in Black” and “The Blessed Virgin Mary’s Apparitions to St. Catherine Labouré” by Bruce Quinn.

“I am very excited to be in the play, because it gives me the opportunity to work with Monalisa Arias, a director that I admire and respect,” said Twohy to “The Visitor”; and I really wanted the roles as the RCA Bossman and Casanova, because both are broadcasters and I am a broadcaster too, so I identify with them.”



Henry Twohy actor in Panama the musical

Henry Twohy actor in Panama the musical




He continuing by saying that one of his strengths is character development and he can change characters and develop them very easily, so it was very attractive for him.

Talking about “Panama: the Musical”, Twohy said that the public will love the music, because it is from the 20s, but the composers, Tara Van der Kolk and Yolanda van der Kolk-Brown, have given it a modern twist. It has a bit of salsa, a bit of jazz and some waltz which makes an interesting fusion.

Twohy explained that “Panama: the Musical” makes him think of his grandmother, who came to the Canal Zone in 1927 and lived through the times in which the play is set.

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