Carnival is party time, get ready

Carnaval Queen Yanidia Leyanis Maure Jaureguizar

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Revelers all over Panama are preparing for five days of music, dance and ‘cuelecos’ (getting drenched in water from water trucks). Carnival is one of the most important festivals in the country and will take place from Friday 9 until Tuesday, February 13.

The National Government approved $2.2 million for Carnival 2018, of which $1.5 million was allocated to the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) for the organization of Carnival in the Capital City and $700,000 was used for the festivities in the interior.

As in previous years, Carnival in the Capital City will be held on the Coastal Strip and this area will be closed to vehicular traffic from midday Friday 9, opening again on Wednesday, February 14 at midday.



Carnival Queen Yanidia Leyanis Maure Jaureguizar

Queen Yanidia Leyanis Maure Jaureguizar



The Coastal Strip will be the background for the parades and every day of the festivities will have a different theme. This year the Panama City Carnival Queen is Yanidia Leyanis Maure Jaureguizar who will be crowned on the night of Friday, February 9. This year there will be three stages: Main, Tropical and Remembrance. The ‘culecos’ will take place in the morning. A children’s park has been set up, so the little ones can be part of the party too.

If you do not want to stay in the capital city, Carnival is also celebrated in other parts of the country. The most popular are in Las Tablas, Chitré ,Penonomé, La Villa de Los Santos, Capira and Santiago where you can dance with the locals.

Festivities are a lot of fun, so enjoy the party.


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