Las Tablas, the best Carnival in Panama

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Las Tablas is famous for its Carnival celebrations and many people travel to that town in Los Santos province to take part in the festivities. This year they are more organized than ever and from Friday, February 9th, you will be able to attend the best carnival party, the Revosh Fest 2018, in a mega structure located in Porras Park in Las Tablas, where you will enjoy the action in the different stands and other activities.

There will be music and fun with the best artistes providing excellent shows to deliver a unique and unforgettable Carnival experience. The events will take place in Porras Park in Las Tablas from 10:00 am. Tickets are on sale at TicketPlus: Pre-sale limited $70.00 and regular price $140.00 for the four days. For more information: 399-9185.

Carnival in Las Tablas is the most popular in the country and is celebrated on the four days before Ash Wednesday. Carnival, people divide into two groups called “tunas” (dance troupes with wind and drum bands). One tuna represents “Calle Arriba” (Upper Street), and the other comes from “Calle Abajo” ( Lower Street). They each elect a queen, and the whole craziness begins where they dance and hurl insults at one another to determine which is the better group.

It is important to make hotel reservations before you go to Las Tablas, because accommodation is scarce during Carnival, but you can always bring your tent. Without a doubt Las Tablas has the best party in the country.


Las Tablas carnival


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