The best scenic arts on offer at the FAE

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The best scenic arts on offer at the FAE


The International Scenic Arts Festival – Panama 2018 (FAE 18) is an event where dance and theater are the protagonists. Now in its eighth edition, it will take place from Thursday 8 to Wednesday, March 14 in different places around the Capital City.

Eleven groups (six international and five national), four critics and specialists and ten countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, United States, England, Mexico, Panama and Uruguay) will participate.

The public will be able to enjoy the programs in eight different theaters.They are the theaters: Balboa, Anita Villalaz, Amador, La Plaza, INIDA, La Estación, Casa Góngora and Plaza Catedral. Master clases will take place in: Teatro en Círculo, Estudio Multiuso GECU, Centro Cultural de España and Steps Academy.

There will be two plays for adults presented by ‘Unahoramenos Producciones’ from Spain with the drama, “Me llamo Suleimán”, which is about clandestine immigration, this case from Africa to Europe. The group from Uruguay ‘Mundo Gestión Cultural’ will present “Lítost, La Frustración”, a play that usies pathos, humor, violence, dance and poetry, to explore the feelings of the human soul when it discovers its decadence.



FAE "still / restless"

A scene from “Still / Restless” by the U.S. dance troupe Rossana Gamson Worldwide. FAE



The children’s theater comes from Colombia with “The Little Prince”, a fun and dynamic adaptation of the Saint Exupery classic, courtesy of the group ‘Gota de Mercurio’ for local school children.

The national theater offering comprises a selection of shows for theaters that focus on artistic pursuits. They are: “Esos Que Siempre Fuimos Otros”, by the group ‘Teatro Carilimpia’. The play is about three actresses who try to stage a play in an old house, which they cannot get out of and it becomes an impossible task. “La Comedia De La Olla”, by ‘Proyecto Actinio’, refreshes a classic by Plautus, one of the best know Roman playwrights and “Divorciadas, Evangélicas y Vegetarianas”, written by the Venezuelan writer, Gustavo Ott, will be staged by ‘Teatro La Estación’. It is a comedy about three women whose worlds gravitate around each other, eventually clashing and causing explosions.

Foreign contemporaneous dance will be represented by the following dance troupes: ‘Rosanna Gamson Worldwide’ from the United States, with “Still/Restless”, a nocturnal dance in two acts about dreams that uses elegant architectural choreography with violent improvisations; ‘Physical Momentum Project’ from Mexico, with “En Tercera Persona”, a choreographywith an overwhelming intensity and dancers that have strong techniques.



“Divorciadas, Evangélicas y Vegetarianas”, written by the Venezuelan writer, Gustavo Ott, will be staged by ‘Teatro La Estación’.



Two dance troupes from Brazil will take part: ‘Virtual Compañía de Danza’ with “Diálogos Sobre Diaghilev”, inspired by the life of the celebrated producer of Les Ballets Ruses and Nijinski’s mentor, which takes life thanks to one interpreter who takes over and energizes the stage. The other ballet is performed by the Panamanian dancer,Luis Escobar Molina, who dances with the ‘Ballet Teatro Castro Alves of Bahía’, with a piece entitled “ Emberá Jai”, an exploration of the world of the witch doctors in the Embera culture of Darien.

The tickets for the 7:30 p.m. shows are for sale at and the following shops: Audiofoto Internacional branches in Altaplaza, Paitilla, Multicentro, Albrook, Los Pueblos, Metromall and Epago of Metromall, Multiplaza, Obarrio, Albrook Bus Terminal, Xtra Los Pueblos, Las Acacias, San Miguelito and the interior. The 9:30 p.m. shows are national productions and entrance costs $3 to promote the local scenic arts in the country.

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