More carriages for the Metro


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The Metro of Panama is upgrading its fleet and has invested $150 million to buy five trains with five carriages each, capable of moving 1,000 passengers at a time. In addition, more carriages have been ordered and they will be attached to the existing three carriage trains. The idea, according to a government source, is to increase the capacity of this transport by 120 percent. Currently around 270,000 people use the Metro every day.

The plan is to incorporate two trains of five carriages every two months, until the new 70 wagons are in place. The President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela, explained that the purchase of the trains is part of Urban Mobility Plan (PAMU). The plan contemplates a unique fare for use of the Metro Bus and Line 1, as well as a decrease in the tariff for the express route buses during the peak hours.




President Juan Carlos Varela inspects Metro Panama.



Line 1 of the Metro of Panama is the first light train in Central America and started operations with twenty trains with three carriages in 2014. It has become so popular that more trains and carriages are needed to cope with the demand.


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Varela pointed out that with projects like the Line 1 and 2 of the Metro for Panama province and Line 3 for Panama West the “transport system will improve in the long run.”

Mi Bus has 203 Torino buses in operation to transport passengers on the East side (of the capital city) and on the North and South Corridors.


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