A greener Biomuseo


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A greener Biomuseo


The Biomuseo, located on the Amador Causeway, whose mission is to highlight Panama’s natural and cultural history, emphasizing the role of humans in the XXI century and how the rise of the isthmus of Panama changed the world, has become greener with a new solar energy system capable of producing 80.6 KW, which will mean savings of $356,000 for the museum.


The 256 solar panels, which were donated by the Trenco Foundation and Tropigas, were installed by the company, NSolar. Each of them are capable of producing 320 watts and have individual microinverters and cabling. “This is a very innovative system, because it allows the panels to perform individually.. If a fault arises, the rest of the system will continue to generate clean energy. The NSolar equipment monitors each one of the modules through an online platform, so it is possible to find any malfunction in real time and replace the equipment immediately,” said Eng. Alejandro Diez, NSolar Engineering Manager.



The new system will allow the Biomuseo to cover part of the energy consumption of its daily administrative operation, permitting the use of computers, printers, air conditioners and other equipment using clean energy.


“Climate change is a reality that we live with daily, for that reason it is very important to swap the use of fossil fuels for renewable energy. It is in our hands to make the change and support the development of a more green and conscious country,” said Roberto Maduro, Biomuseo Institutional Development Coordinator.


During the Month of the Earth the Biomuseo is organizing events every Saturday of April. For more information visit www.biomuseopanama.org.



The new solar energy system


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