Celebrating the International Dance Day

International Day of the Dance - Students rehearsing at the National School of Dance.

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The National Culture Institute (INAC) will offer a ‘dance day’ to celebrate the International Dance Day, with a show combining different dancing styles at the Balboa Theater on Friday, April 27 at 7:00 p.m. Entrance is free.


Students and professors of the National Dance School will form part of the cast. The show will also have the participation of the National Ballet of Panama, the Youth Ballet, the Changuinola Fine Arts Center, the Colón dance troupe Valerie’s Dance Studio, ELAN Dance School and Danza Nova-Laberinto.


The public will be able to appreciate Panamanian folkloric dance and contemporary and classical ballet among other styles, choreographied by Diguar Sapi, Eduardo Blanco, José Villamil, Filadelfia Salamín, Ormelis Cortéz and Aracellys Villarreal.


International Dance Day - Students rehearsing at the National School of Dance.

Students rehearsing at the National School of Dance.


The National School of Dance is dedicated to training their students so that they become the dancers of tomorrow, with some of them reaching national and international fame through the years.


The careers and courses offered by the school are: Senior Technician Orientation in Classical Ballet, Orientation in Modern Dance, General Dance Studies and free courses in Classical, Modern, Spanish and Folklore Dance.


The National School of Dance, under director Professor Iguandili López, is located in Diablo, Ancon, Building 5553, and currently has 544 students, more than 15 teachers who are specialists in ballet, modern dance, music, choreography and who have masters degrees in dance. Children of five and over can be registered in the school.


For more information about the show and the school call 232-0572.


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