The Parade of the Carnival Queens returns

Last year's Parade of the Carnival Queens.

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The Parade of the Queens 2018 will take place on Sunday, May 13, on the Coastal Strip I from 4:00 p.m.. For the second time in a row, it will have as its main attraction performances of local artistes on stage and the “Typical Gala Parade”, which will have the participation of all the carnival queens of the interior and the capital.


The parade is organized by the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) and the Metropolitan Kiwanis Club of Panama. Jose Ricardo Muñoz, the organizing committee president of this folkloric event said that 20 tunas (dancing troupes) and murgas (wind and drum ensembles) from the interior were invited and have confirmed their participation, those being Las Tablas, Pedasí, Chitré, La Villa de Los Santos, Parita, Capira, Tonosí, La Palma and Aguadulce tunas.


Muñoz added that recently a coordination meeting took place where it was agreed to implement a draw to decide the position of the tunas and their queen, as it was done last year and was witnessed by representatives of the guest tunas.


Last year's Parade of the Carnival Queens

Last year’s Parade of the Carnival Queens.


On Friday, May 11, the typical gala “Tunas and Queen Festival” will take place at the Amador Convention Center (former Figali), before the great parade where tunas and their queens will wear the costumes they used on the day of their coronation.


The accordionists and interpreters of Panamanian vernacular music Lucho de Sedas, Osvaldo Ayala and Manuel de Jesús & Abdiel Núñez will play at the gala, which will open its doors at 7:00 p.m.


The queen of “Carnival of Panama: 2018”, Yanidia Maure, and her pricesses Natasha Vargas and Leydis González and carnival queen of the Panama Municipality, Joseline, will go to both events.


At end of the parade, the public can witness the duel between the “Escorpión de Paritilla” Osvaldo Ayala, and Manuel de Jesús & Abdiel Núñez, on both stages of the Coastal Strip 1.


The ATP administrator, Gustavo Him, highlighted the importance of these kinds of events as tourist attractions for Panamanians and foreigners who can enjoy a sample of the parties that take place in the towns in the interior.


The institutions that are part of the Joint Task Force (FTC), police, fire department and civil defense, will guarantee security during the parade.


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