Adventure in the Cochea River Canyon

Cochea River Canyon

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Panama is a paradise for the adventurous tourist and the Cochea River Canyon, located within the Hacienda Los Molinos Boutique Hotel grounds, in El Frances, Boquete, Chiriqui province, is a rare natural attraction surrounded by vegetation, which is unusual in comparison with other canyons around the world that are located in arid terrain.


On the way to canyon you can enjoy two beautiful views, one of the imposing volcano and the other towards the Gulf of Chiriqui, in the Pacific Ocean. Endemic species of fauna and flora from the highlands can be found here. You can see migratory birds, howler monkeys, white nosed coati, butterflies, amphibians and reptiles, different varieties of trees, orchids and waterfalls.


Hacienda Los Molinos has created two observation posts, one where the visitor does not have to go down to the canyon to take photos and another half way down the trail.


Cochea River Canyon

A waterfall at the Cochea River Canyon.


It takes approximately one hour and forty minutes to walk to the canyon, depending on the physical condition of the hiker. It is a category 3 trail with slopes at an altitude of 720 meters above sea level and It is best to explore the path with a qualified guide.


Hacienda Los Molinos Boutique Hotel has a tour to the Cochea River Canyon with qualified guides. Steps have been constructed for better security, there are 283 of them. You can take breather for two to three minutes to take photos or just admire the amazing views of the Volcan Baru and the Cochea River Canyon. From the beginning of the walk you descend 120 meters. You can even swim in the river if you wish (children must be over 10 years old). This is wonderful way to get acquainted with nature.


For more information about staying in Los Molinos and to book a tour visit or call 730-8313.



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