Cabaret some saucy entertainment


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The Theatre Guild of Ancon can really put on a show and Cabaret Caliente is no exception. It is two hours of non-stop laughter, most of it rather risqué, but all the better for that. After enjoying a drink at the bar (optional), the audience takes their seats and are met with a stage already set up for a cabaret show where diners (some lucky members of the audience) are already sitting at tables or lolling at the bar, ready to enjoy the show, and they are not disappointed.


Two ladies in black burst on stage to give a hilarious introduction and the fun begins. A succession of very talented dancers and singers belt out some extremely clever and suggestive lyrics. A burlesque artist really teases the crowd. An absolutely amazing ventriloquist interacts with her ‘furry friend’ whose conversation is definitely naughty at times. An Irish comedian makes the audience chortle while our own Gerry Dee from the Breakfast Show in the role of a genial drunk, who has been sitting imbibing at the bar all evening, weaves his tipsy way to the front of the stage to delight the audience by poking fun at the local scene, government bodies included. Pianist, Fernando Lee, plays all evening, backing up every performance with amazing skill. The show ends on a high note with the audience in stitches over the hilarious plaint of a ‘lady of the night’ who is “Sooooooooooooooo tired’.


This all makes for a highly entertaining evening which truly should not be missed. They say laughter is the best medicine and you will come away in high spirits. The cast, to a man/woman, is highly talented and would grace the professional stage any place in the world. Treat yourself to an evening of fun and you won’t be sorry.





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