Tourist revitalization of El Valle Anton

El Valle of Anton

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Tourist revitalization of El Valle Anton


The El Valle Anton Tourist Revitalization Project, in Cocle province, which will cost $4,434,358, has begun. This is the second biggest investment made by the Panama Tourism Authority in the interior and will be built by the Consorcio RC-Metrologik.


This project contemplates the construction of urban infrastructure in El Valle’s Central Avenue (2.26 km), such as cobblestone sidewalks, bicycle paths, green areas, parking for 190 vehicles, access ramps, pedestrian crossings, bus stops on both sides of the road, parking for bicycles, street lighting, benches and an underground and rainwater sewer system.


These works will make the town’s Central Avenue more user friendly, secure for walking, improving the tourist experience and the inhabitants’ quality of life.


El Valle Anton

Central Avenue of El Valle Anton.


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