“An Australian’s Story” a really good read

An Australian’s Story

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An Australian’s Story – Many expats who have relocated to Panama have an interesting tale to tell, but not many have the discipline it takes to put it on paper and share it with the world. Bob McIntosh, who has spent the last 47 years in Panama set himself to the task, originally for his children, but later, encouraged by friends, for a wider audience. He has published his memoirs in a book entitled, “An Australian’s Story”, full of entertaining anecdotes and reminiscences which will appeal to a wide audience.


Born Robert Vernon McIntosh on November 17, 1940, Bob had a tough but loving upbringing in the Australian bush which he credits for the principles he has applied to his life – respect, common “sense and a good sense of humor.


An Australian’s Story

An Australian’s Story


His first foray into South America was a posting to Peru, representing the Dalgety Company, Wool Brokers and Seed Merchants. Later in 1971 he settled in Panama permanently to become partner in the Southern Cross Agencies Inc. (Agencias Cruz del Sur S.A.) an agricultural machinery company which prospered over the years.


Golfing, horseback riding and deer hunting have all been Bob’s passion. A special mention should be made of running since Bob was the founding member of Panama’s Hash House Harriers (“a running club with a drinking problem”) and Hash Master for over 20 years.


Bob’s business commitments are now reduced but he still loves to travel and returns to Australia frequently to follow up on performances of his racehorses and visit friends.



A fascinating life makes for interesting reading. Bob’s book can be obtained by calling 225-6638.


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