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Have you ever wanted to invest in Forex, shares, gold, currency, bitcoins or even oil and gas? Then the first thing you need to do is to find an experienced broker who can guide you through the inherent volatility of the global markets. Ativa Capital represents in Latin America various globally regulated online brokers, who, through a relation with Ativa Capital, are authorized to do business in Panama by means of a license granted by the Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores de Panama.

Do you want to be financially independent or become a professional Forex operator?

Ativa Capital offers a range of personalized training and advice, so you can acquire the necessary knowledge to help you increase your income and diversify your assets. The company has online and face-to-face tutorials, such as, “negotiation for beginners, Forex trading strategies, and advanced negotiation tools”, among many other topics.

Ativa Capital gives you access to more than 500 instruments to trade currencies, commodities, indexes and shares with a variety of trading platforms and automated robots to help you achieve your goals and manage desired risk levels, diversification and access to the products that best match your needs given your risk tolerance. All client accounts are segregated from brokers with whom they work for total security and transparency. In addition, all the trading partners of Ativa Capital are regulated in Europe, Australia, Japan, China and South Africa.



Finally, at Ativa Capital, Inc., through its commercial alliances, offer clients a range of operational advantages which make the trading experience more pleasant and profitable. At Ativa Capital you will receive access to all the tools and resources necessary to start your Forex adventure.

Whether you want to become a professional operator or simply want to improve your financial returns, Ativa Capital is there to help you from start to finish.

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