Humpback Whales – The giants of the sea are back to Panama

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The majestic humpback whales have returned to Panama to mate and raise their calves and Pedasi and Taboga are ready for the whale watching season. These beautiful acrobats of the sea can be seen in the Pacific coast of the country every year between July and October.


The proximity and accessibility by air, land and sea made these destinations ideal places for whale watching that can be combined with other aquatic activities like swimming or scuba diving.


The warm and tranquil waters of the Panamanian Pacific receive a considerable number of humpback whales that can be found from the Gulf of Chiriqui, passing the South of Veraguas and the Azuero Peninsula to the Las Perlas Archipelago.


These mammals arrive to the Panamanian Pacific coast from the North and South Hemisphere to give birth and reproduce, staying here during the breastfeeding period that last around two month.


Humpback Whales

The gentle giants of the sea.


The coast of Pedasi, in Los Santos province and Taboga Island, in the Panama province, are two attractive destinations with good beaches, scuba diving and bird watching, giving the visitor a rewarding experience.


Pedasi is also a good place to see marine turtle in Isla Cañas and Cambutal. In this region there are five tour operators that offer the whale watching tour: Isla Cañas Tour, Asociación de Pescadores de Pedasí, APROPSERTUR, Cubitá Tour and Azuero Panama Tours.


The cost of this activity, in a boat with capacity for six people, is between $60 to $70 per person. The tour starts at 8:00 a.m. from the Arenal beach and finishes at 2:00 p.m. It includes visit to the beach, snorkel equipment, beach chairs in the island, snack, drink, lunch and tour guide. If the visitor wants to go on his own, the cost of the craft alone will be $120.


Taboga Island is closer to Panama City at only half an hour by boat. Taboga Tour Center that operates the service with the Taboga Municipality and organized groups of residents has three boats with capacity for six people, offers whale watching tour departing from the island. The package costs $65 per person for two hour to see the whales with a guide, snacks and drinks.


Whale watching is a wonderful experience that will lift your spirit, so get to know these beautiful mammals.


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