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Investing in Forex. Have you ever wanted to invest your money and do not know how to start? Investing in currency trading (Foreign Exchange or Forex) may be the answer to your question, especially now that interest rates at local banks are around 3%. This is an interesting alternative, but before entering this market, you should consult a company that is regulated by Panama’s Superintendence of Securities Market such as, AtivaCapital.

Jocelin Aviles, Ativa Capital’s Chief Executive explained that “Forex trading is the art and science of trying to predict the global movement of currencies, which sounds a bit complicated for novice investors. However, every time you buy Italian olive oil, a German car or one of the many plastic products made in China, you are participating in foreign currency trading.

“If you are looking to expand your investment portfolio beyond stocks and bonds, have the desire to research and understand finance and the global economy, then currency trading could be for you,” pointed out Aviles.

“The Forex market manages a daily liquidity in excess of $5.5 trillion and it can be a source of profitability for those who seek to expand their investment portfolio beyond stocks and bonds or have an interest in researching and understanding the finances and the global economy. Ativa Capital as an investment advisor educates its clients, so they understand the financial concepts necessary to successfully analyze and trade Forex using multiple tools such as technical and fundamental analysis” said Aviles.



Forex workshop for ladies.

Before customers start investing in Forex, they can practice on a demonstration platform using virtual money to familiarize themselves with the market and currency movements. This is a service that AtivaCapital offers free of charge and to which interested parties can access through the website,

Customers can open an account with Ativa Capital starting at $1,000. Here clients, can access directly on the company’s platform over 400 products ranging from stocks, bonds, gold and natural gas to commodities like grains, coffee and other agricultural products, in addition to currencies.

Through Ativa Capital customers have access to stock markets in Europe, Asia and the United States, 24 hours a day, five days a week from 4:00 p.m. on Sunday to 3:00 p.m. on Friday.

The accounts can be opened individually or jointly, depending on client needs. It is important to emphasize that Forex like any investment has its risks, but also advantages. For example, financial leverage allows an investor with $1,000 in his account to control a larger position and invest more than the available cash on the account, that is, with a leverage of up to 1: 500 a client could potentially control a position of $500,000.

Forex offers you the opportunity to have an additional monthly income that is much higher than the interest rate currently offered by banks, so if you want to know more about Forex call Ativa Capital and speak with one of their advisors at 390-0804 or visit


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