The Patron Saint of the Fishermen

patron saint

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Fishing is a dangerous profession and for centuries seamen have entrusted their well being to the Virgin of El Carmen, the patron saint of the fishermen. Every year on July 16th, the day when she appeared for the first time, is celebrated with processions and masses, and Panama is not the exception. The small island of Taboga, located in the Bay of Panama, has one of the most picturesque aquatic processions of the country.


The day begins with a mass, normally attended by most of the inhabitants and devotees who have made the trip to the island to pay their respects to the Virgin. After that there is procession on land, and the image is followed by people praying the rosary to say thanks for the miracles received.


The last part of the ritual is the aquatic procession that takes approximately one hour. A boat adorned with flowers with the image of the Virgin of El Carmen, borders the island’s coastline, accompanied by at least five other boats.


This is the ideal time to visit Taboga Island that has the closest beach to Panama City. During your trip you will see giant container vessels and even whales and dolphins, so take the opportunity to visit the small town and learn about Panamanian traditions.


patron saint


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