A little murder story at the Teatro en Circulo

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A little murder story at the Teatro en Circulo


The fans of black comedy should not miss the play “Eight Women” by the French playwright Robert Thomas, which tells a little murder storyin a far away mansion in the countryside. The main characters are Gaby, wife and mother, her two daughters Susan and Catherine, their aunt Augustine, their grandmother Mamy, the sister-in-law Pierrette and the two house maids Chanel and Louise.


As the eight women gather together over Christmas, they find Marcel, the only man in the house, dead. With a knife in his back he’s found in his bedroom. Why was he murdered? How did the killer get in? And most importantly, is the killer still in the house?


Apart from trying to find the culprit, the women find out much more, probably more than they like. This is not only a crime investigation; this is also a story about family, dependency, unfulfilled desires and the search for acceptance and forgiveness.


little murder story


The characters will be brought to life by the talented actresses Nilena Zizopulos, Peggy Bousounis, Cloty Luna, Masof Sayavedra, Gloryana Reyes, Alicia Alonso Cid, Isabela Tasende and Jeanne Marie Leggere Guardia under the direction of Hannia Woodman, a director with a great trajectory.


She has 30 years experience as a director, actress and producer and has participated in more than 50 plays, among them musicals, in English and Spanish. She gives theater lessons in English and Spanish to children and adolescents.


The play can be seen from Tuesday to Saturday at 8:00 p.m. and on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. For information and tickets call 261-5375, 261 5259, 6659-6771 or visit





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