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VOL. 14 #5 -- Feb. 22 - Mar. 6, 2008
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Hot new spot

Bar ONE brings it on!

The Rock and Hip-Hop themed "Bar ONE" opened last week in Panama City's nightlife district on Calle Uruguay in front of Restaurante Pepperoncini with live musical performances and original drinks served by a fun female staff that is bringing a new kind of festive atmosphere to the city by striding atop the bar and pouring shots right into the mouthes of eager patrons.

Good-looking bartenders at Bar ONE.

Spinning behind the bar, six frozen daiquiri machines bear names like "Diablo Rojo", "Sin Ropa" and "Panamaniac" dispensing piña coladas and flavored margaritas that proprietor Justin Callen expects to be a big hit in the country. He says: "I have lived in New York and Miami, but when I came to Panama, I fell in love, especially with all the opportunity for growth and to apply new ideas." This is Callen's first nightlife venture. The 28-year-old owns Suites Ambassador and Crystal Suites in the city.

Bar ONE is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 p.m. and open as late as 4:00 a.m. on weekends. According to bar manager Lindsay Burch, special events will be on Tuesdays, live bands on Wednesdays, and from Thursday to Saturday a live DJ will spin Rock n Roll, R & B and Hip-Hop.


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