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Mola a la mode

Mola a la mode The Panamanian Foundation “Buscando tu estrella” (Looking for your star) promotes and protects the traditions of Panama. An initiative of the organization, which is headed up by French fashion designer Helene Breebart, gives incentives to the Kuna Indian artisans to keep with their traditional ways of dress and celebrates their culture.

The hand-made appliqué molas made by Kuna women are one of the most notable pieces of the diverse Panamanian culture. Each year, dozens of Kuna women turn out to show off their prized mola blouses and colourful traditional dress to win prizes and gain fame as the best-dressed Kuna woman of Panama City. More [+]


Panama’s first PADI course director

The diving is great all over Panama. From the Pearl Islands to Portobelo and all the way out to Bocas del Toro, there is so much to see and explore under the water that Panama has become very popular among divers. And a new milestone has been set in Panama’s diving segment: Edgardo Ibarra, diving operations manager at Starfleet Scuba in Bocas del Toro, has just become a PADI Course Director. More [+]

Iconic architecture

Iconic architecture Architecture is one of the aspects that experts cite when discussing the subject of country branding. Iconic buildings become symbols of the places where they are built: The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London and the Burg Al Arab in Dubai. And since Panama is the rising star among chic tropical vacation destinations, those concerned with the branding of our country must certainly be happy with all of the buildings going up lately.

Some residential, some office, some mixed use and many of them with a hotel integrated, there are several eye-catching icons in the skyline of Panama City. More [+]

ExpoFlora International: Sept 16 – 18

A big flower event is happening next weekend. ExpoFlora opens its doors to the public at the Vasco Nuñez de Balboa Convention Center at the Hotel El Panama. Panama’s green thumbs will have big, bright and beautiful plants on display for the public to enjoy. The event is organized by Panama’s Gardener’s Club and this year’s theme is “We blossom between two oceans” (Florecemos entre dos mares). More [+]

The new Palma Royale Hotel in Bocas

Palma Royale Hotel How do you come to realize a life-long dream? New Bocas del Toro hotel owner, Bob Martz, phrased it nicely: “Well, we don’t do it for food,” he said, “I guess growing up in South Dakota it just seemed like owning a hotel in the Caribbean one day was the best dream to have.” If his new hotel is any measure, Bob dreams big.

He swears that he “doesn’t work here”, but Bob can be often seen sitting unassumingly in a rattan chair at an outdoor table of the Under the Palm Restaurant on the ground floor. The gorgeous new hotel is currently the talk of the town. Finished with all-natural materials (stone, bamboo, dead coral), painted in rich colors and bursting with tropical flowers in every room, the Palma Royale Hotel is fit for a king. More [+]

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