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A dazzling sight!

An adventure to Chiriquí’s ‘Salto del Tigre’ waterfall

Text and Photos by Milagros Sánchez Pinzón

Chiriquí’s ‘Salto del Tigre’ waterfall
Access over the Colorado River is provided by a fallen tree.
Chiriquí’s ‘Salto del Tigre’ waterfall
Close to the impressive waterfall.

The province of Chiriquí is well-known for ecotourism and its many spectacular waterfalls add to its attractions. Streams and rivers spring from high up in the mountains to rush, tumbling down to the plains creating impressive views.

During a tour of Chiriquí, seeking out potential tourist attractions, we had the opportunity to talk with Don Abelardo Coba, who told us how we could reach the highest known waterfall. Eager to find the mysterious fall, we set off from the town of Volcán and at a height of 1,700 meters discovered the most dazzling waterfall we had ever seen in the region: El Salto del Tigre, formed by the Colorado River as it rushes towards the Chiriquí Viejo river, of which it is a tributary. This river forces its way through volcanic bedrock which offers tremendous resistance, causing a cataract of striking proportions.

Chiriquí’s ‘Salto del Tigre’ waterfallThe Salto del Tigre waterfall in Chiriquí, framed by lush vegetation.

To get to this wonder of nature, turn to the right on the unpaved road opposite Cerro Silla de Pando on the Volcán - Río Serena road. Eight kilometers along this road you will come to the Hacienda Puerta del Cielo owned by Claudio Lacayo, where you can make contact with a guide. A 45 minute walk along a steeply sloping, wooded trail takes you to the Colorado River. Fallen trees allow you to cross the river and a short walk upstream brings you to the fall which is 100 meters high, according to Mr. Coba. For those in good physical condition, it is possible to climb higher up for a closer view.

The whole trip takes about four hours, but is well worth the effort for the tranquility, peace and wonder of the experience.

Dorians at Albrook Mall

Brand names at rock-bottom prices

Dorians at Albrook Mall.

Dorians is not your regular department store. Ask any local for a tip on where to find quality items at super-low prices, and Dorians will often be the answer. There are Dorians stores located in Albrook Mall in Albrook and at the Los Andes Centro Comercial in San Miguelito.

The luggage section at Dorians.

Each of these mega-stores contains two floors stocked with savings in fragrances, accessories, shoes and clothing. There are big brands like Calvin Klein and Nautica at great discount prices. The Dorians logo contains a butterfly, which can be spotted in the “Dinosaur” section at Albrook Mall.

Dorians also makes shopping easy by taking care of shopping bags while visiting other storea and it also offers a play area for kids where little ones can enjoy a fun break.

Restaurant Reviews - by Jacob Ehrler

Greek goodness in seafood, salads steaks and ambiance at Amador

The “Horiatiki” Greek Salad.

Bucanero´sPanamanian King Crab (Centollo), Lobster and Fillete.

Bucanero´s is located on Isla Flamenco, the last island on the Amador Causeway, in the restaurant plaza located to the right as one enters Flamenco Marina. Most of the restaurant is open-air, and features live music that is played a volume that enhances, rather than overbearing, the fine dining experience. Greek ownership is apparent, and shines through in many of the dishes, though Bucanero’s is truly an international restaurant which focuses on the freshest quality ingredients.

There are lots of things to get excited about. For starters, the tasty Saganaki ($15.00) appetizer that brings quite a show to the table. Greek Kefalotiri cheese is breaded, sauteed and then served in a burst of flames table-side as the waiter ignites the dish in Ouzo liquor. Toasted bread is on hand to soak up any sweet, tangy goodness left on the plate. Another winning appetizer is Almejas Gratinadas ($14.00), imported clams au gratin. These tasty little clams are perfectly clean and tender, enhanced by the cream and breading inside their open shells.

When in Greece...

There are two kinds of Greek Salads on the menu. One is the “Horiatiki” ($8.00), that presents the tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, green peppers, kalamata olives, and feta cheese in customarily big block cuts, while the “Chopped Greek” ($7.00) is the traditional diced and tossed version.

It is hard to steer away from the seafood at Bucanero’s. The Panamanian King Crab – or Centollo ($60.00) is a local delicacy. Bucanero’s gets is supply directly from the fishermen in Kuna Yala where these big, beautiful and tasty creatures abound. Preparations vary but the prime ingredient – scrumptious crab meat – comes served in the shell and is surrounded by big pincers. The delicious dish is more than enough for two to share.

Bucanero’s Restaurant and Taverna

Isla Flamenco, Amador Causeway
314-0880 / 314-0881

There are many more options on the menu, from pastas to national steaks to sea bass and paella, as well as a kids menu. Specialties include four different USDA imported steaks, Lamb Chops, Lobsters and Langostinos (giant prawns).

Service is prompt, and the number of foreigners that can be seen dining at Bucanero’s speaks to its success within this exclusive community of diners.

Patagonia Grill

New Argentine steakhouse basking in Gaucho’s fame open behind ATLAPA

Patagonia Grill

A new steakhouse has opened up near the ATLAPA Convention Center in the San Francisco neighborhood of Panama City. Patagonia Grill is an Argentine restaurant and an upscale sister property to Gaucho’s Steakhouse on Calle Uruguay. Gaucho’s has earned fame as a favorite Panama City steakhouse featuring Argentine cuts using choice US beef for over 16 years.

Patagonia Grill is the new and exclusive establishment, featuring a design inside and out that is reminiscent of a Patagonian chalet. House specialties include “El Patagonico”, a two pound rib eye cut and the “Baby New York” cut as well as already-famous favorites like the “Outside Skirt”.

Patagonia Grill

Along with a more extensive wine list, additions to the traditional Gaucho’s menu that can be enjoyed at Patagonia Grill include a side order of potatoes au gratin, salmon and rack of lamb.

For reservations call 396-2645/ 2646, write or visit The restaurant is located on Via Cincuentenario at Calle 4 Sur in San Francisco.