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How progress will deal with Casco Viejo? It's decision time on how progress will deal with Casco Viejo.

The government’s plan to connect modern downtown Panama City with El Chorrillo and beyond has met a bump in the road when getting past Casco Viejo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ancient walled city is built on a peninsula surrounded by shallow rocks to protect its original inhabitants from pirate attacks. Today, its privileged geographic location is in the way of progress. Soon decisions will be finalized that will change the face of this tourism destination. More [+]


Copa grows to Chicago

Copa Airlines will add three more flights by the end of the year – to Chicago, Asunción (Paraguay) and Cúcuta (Colombia). In 1992, Copa created the Hub of the Americas at Tocumen International, initially connecting to 12 cities in the Americas. With the recent announcement the offer has grown 57 destinations. More [+]

Diving Coiba, discovering Santa Catalina

Diving Coiba It’s no secret that Panama is home to many exotic destinations for adventurers of varied interests. One of the hidden gems of the Isthmus lies on the coast of the Veraguas province, about a five hour drive from Panama City. The seaside village of Santa Catalina is not only known among avid surfers for having one of the best breaks in Central America, but it is also the most popular way to access Isla Coiba, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and former penal colony.

At Scuba Coiba ( or 6980-7122), experienced and friendly dive masters lead daily scuba excursions from the quaint surfing town to the various dive sites on and near the historic island. More [+]

New theory on the Isthmus' age

The magazine New Scientist (June 11) published the article “United plates of America” by science writer Gaia Vince, featuring a new, not-yet-published theory by STRI stratigrapher Carlos Jaramillo, on the age of the Panamanian Isthmus. His theory, drawn from his findings in the Panama Canal expansion excavations, would contradict the accepted orthodox account of the rise of Panama, pieced together in the 1980s by Jaramillo’s colleague at STRI, geologist Tony Coates.

According to New Scientist, Jaramillo is digging “for his life” in the Panama Canal before the Panama Canal Authority “drowns the past forever” in the process of widening the waterway. Jaramillo has one more year to dig. More [+]

Music, fun and eco-awareness at big recycling fair

The fourth edition of the “Feria Yo Reciclo” (I Recycle Fair) will take place on Saturday, June 25 at MEDCOM, on Ave. 12 de Octubre, Panama City, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The event will feature musical acts by Kafú Banton, Os Almirantes, Carlos Méndez, Séptima Raíz y Roba Morena.

The materials that can be recycled at the event are #1 and #2 plastic, newspapers, cardboard, aluminum cans, glass, empty tetra pak cartons, electronic junk, and vegetable oil. More [+]

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