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Immigration game changer

These are “interesting times of change” for immigration in Panama, according to the National Bar Association’s Immigration Committee coordinator, Lic. Luis Adolofo Corró. The association’s president and members of the committee met two weeks ago with Immigration Director Javier Carrillo Silvestri to present a series of recommendations. At that time Silvestri informed the group that a series of immigration-related decrees would be forthcoming.

By the time they met again last week, President Martinelli had loosened or done away with visa requirements for 30 countries and signed an executive order that changes the immigration game for many. More [+]

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Casco Viejo, now featuring crepes

Casco Viejo, now featuring crepes The culinary offer in Panama City’s Old Quarter continues to grow. Lorraine Le Baud and Francios Le Baud have relocated to Casco Viejo from Canada, and they brought the famous French culinary tradition of crepes, which originated in their original home, Brittany, the culture region in northwestern France.

La Petite Bretagne Creperie offers affordable and delicious crepe creations, which according Francios are quite original, because they incorporate fresh local Panamanian produce to create sweet and savory combinations that the crepe has perhaps never held before. More [+]

Condor Airlines doubles service

The German airline Condor recently announced its second weekly flight freqency between Panama City and Frankfurt, Germany. Currently, the airline offers flights on Fridays departing from Tocumen International in Panama City. On October 16 this year, a new weekly Tuesday service will begin. The increased service is a welcome addition as the Panamanian tourism offer becomes more widely known among European travelers. More [+]

Amnesty program opens door for illegals

A window of opportunity for those who have been in the country illegally for a while to achieve resident status, under a program called “Crizol de Razas” or “Melting Pot.” The National Immigration Service (NMS) has announced that it will be conducting a regularization fair for illegal aliens from June 18 – 22 at the Roberto Duran Arena located in the Juan Diaz district of Panama City.

Panama’s Immigration Director, Javier Carrillo, intends to make qualified illegal aliens who have been in Panama for at least one year into legal residents so they can legally work in Panama. More [+]

Alfredo Saint Malo

Alfredo Saint Malo As May turns to June, the Symphonic Concert Association of Panama is rolling out a ten-day celebration of classical music in Panama City. The Alfredo Saint Malo International Music Festival began Thursday, May 31 and will extend through Sunday, June 10. Daily presentations begin at 8:00 p.m. Prices vary according to the day and activity.

This, the sixth annual celebration of the festival, is being held in honor of a great Panamanian musician, composer, educator and cultural promoter: the late Gonzalo Brenes Candanedo. More [+]

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