Panama means abundance of butterflies.

Origins of Panama’s provinces names

Origins of Panama’s provinces names. The Republic of Panama currently has 10 provinces and many of their names represent the culture and traditions of the different regions. Some have their origins in the different Amerindian dialects of the different tribes that at one point or another occupied a particular area. Here is a list of


Panama offers top of the line equipped hospitals

Panama Expat Useful Tips

By: Staff at POLS – Attorneys at Law E-Mail: info@pols.com.pa || Phone: (507) 227 – 6645 Panama Expat Useful Tips. Ross Campbell, a Panama expat, offers useful tips for other potential expats to relocate here. Besides having “beautiful weather, beaches and people, there is a never-ending surplus of things to do whether you love the

Tours & Places

Cajones de Chame.

Panama’s Chame Hidden Beauty

Panama’s Chame Hidden Beauty. Chame, in the Panama West province, at only 90 minutes from the capital city hides canyons, caves, rivers, falls and views of such beauty that they are impossible to describe. These are some of the places that you can visit this summer. Los Cajones de Chame (The draws of Chame) This is

Rep of Panama

The Government is trying to regulate the entrance of foreigners to the country.

Big Panama Tourist Visa Changes

Big Panama Tourist Visa Changes. Over the last few weeks Panama has changed its immigration policies. First, it abolished a norm that allows foreigners from the European Union to enter the country without the need of a tourist visa. Now they will have to have one to be able to visit the Isthmus, according to the


This is how Smart City works.

Panama becomes a Smart City

Panama becomes a Smart City. Since last Tuesday, January 17, the city of Panama has installed fifty points wth free wireless internet access or WIFI, including dozens of bus stops to which digital screens with information about the city has been added. This project aims to ensure connectivity to users while waiting for public transport.


There are places in the capital city where you can go camping.

Parque Metropolitano Camping Night

Parque Metropolitano Camping Night. The year 2016 was a year full of achievements, fun and activities for the whole family, now Roba Morena, is starting the 2017 season of his family and recycling fair “Yo Me Reciclo”(I Recycle). This year attendees will again be able to camp at the fair during the night and enjoy