Pedro Mandinga – the first craft rum of Panama

Rum is the essence of Latin American countries. Wherever you go on the continent you will find this sugarcane-based spirit. Around 98% of rums are made with molasses, while other manufacturers use cane honey, but the creators of Pedro Mandinga rum utilize “raspadura” (raw brown sugar) that gives the products a smoothness uncommon in white


Letter to the Editor September 17

We have lived in Potrerillos and Boquete for 9 years. We do much of the shopping for our home and finca, in David, where the downtown merchants are driving their customers away. It is the same in Boquete. By 8:00 a.m. it is impossible to find parking because all the spaces are used by store

Tours & Places

Canal relaunches its exhibition at the Explora Museum

Canal relaunches its exhibition at the Explora Museum, The Panama Canal recently relaunched its Hydrographic Basin exhibition, which forms part of the permanent displays of the Explora Museum, the first interactive science and art center in Panama, which promotes the importance of preserving the hydric resources among young people. The exhibit is located in the

Rep of Panama

HM Gisselle Ow Young will welcome visitors at the malls.

Panama Black Weekend increases hotel occupation

Around 21 hotels near the city’s shopping hub will have 70% occupation for the Panama Black Weekend, in a month considered difficult for the Panamanian tourism, were the results of a survey carried by the Panama Tourism Authority Statistics Department, said the administrator of that institution, Gustavo Him. According to Him, after a year of


Work on a new cruise ship terminal begins

WORK ON A NEW CRUISE SHIP TERMINAL BEGINS, The construction of the first cruise ship terminal in the Pacific area of the country began on the third week of October and it is expected to be finished in 24 months, according to sources of the Panama Maritime Authority, the government entity responsible for the project.


Rock stars of the 80s in Panama

‘Journey’, ‘Toto’, ‘Kansas’ and ‘Chicago’ are coming to Panama in the Rock Pack America Tour 2017 which will take place on Tuesday, November 21, when they will bring nostalgia and great music to the Riu Hotel from 8:00 p.m. This is one of the most important classic rock events of the year, with some of