Las Girl Scouts organizan actividades divertidas.

Panama USA Girl Scouts

Panama USA Girl Scouts. There is a new movement blooming in Panama. A team from USA Girl Scouts Overseas has arrived, and they are rapidly working to establish a new chapter of Girl Scouts in the country. All girls are welcome! On October 8, the Girl Scouts hosted a workshop at Color Me Mine, a


Pruebas del MLB que se realizaron el año pasado en Venezuela.

MLB Panama showcase

MLB Panama showcase MLB Panama showcase. American Major League Baseball (MLB) annually holds a showcase in Venezuela for its local amateur prospects eligible to sign contracts on July 2 the following year. However, this year’s showcase will be in Panama instead of Venezuela on November 16-17 because of safety concerns. Over the past few years,

Tours & Places

The Black Christ of Portobelo.

Panama’s Black Christ of Portobelo

Panama’s Black Christ of Portobelo. One of the most revered patron saints in Panama is the Cristo Negro (Black Christ) of Portobelo where his statue is housed. Every October 21 for the last 400 years, pilgrims from all over the country and abroad have come to the historical town to pay their respects. Many walk

Rep of Panama

Guía de Crecimiento y Sobrevivencia Temprana de 64 Especies de Árboles Nativos de Panamá y el Neo-trópico

Smithsonian launches new reforestation guide

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) first presented its new publication, a “Guide to Growth and Early Survival of 64 Native Species of Trees in Panama and the Neo-tropics”, during the XII International Fair Book on Wednesday, August 17. This week STRI presented the book at its headquarters in Ancon, accompanied by the co-author of


Isthmian Update October 21

Illegal crossing Isthmian Update October 21. The agriculture authorities detected 47 clandestine crossings near the border between Panama and Costa Rica, where a dangerous contraband of produce is taking place. From Panama to Costa Rica and vice versa, illegal commercialization of plantain and banana has been detected, said Eduardo Carles, Minister of Agricultural Development (MIDA).


Los niños aprenden sobre los animales en la feria.

Positive vibe at recycling fair

Again, as every month, the family and recycling fair “I Recycle”, will take place on Sunday, October 23, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., in Villa Agustina, located in front of Plaza Herrera in the Casco Antiguo. This time the theme will be “Positivism”, with the participation of agents of positive change. Each of the