Steven Soderbergh producirá y posiblemente dirigirá un filme basado en los ‘Panama Papers’.

Panama Papers Movie in the Works

Panama Papers Movie in the Works. The “Panama Papers” scandal caused ripples all over the world. Politicians, movie stars, sportsmen and millionaires were affected by it. One dire repercussion was that the country was put back on the grey list of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, but there is always light at the


Humpback Whales arriving on the Pacific Coast of Panama.

Panama Whale Watching Season

Panama Whale Watching Season is here. Approximately 2,000 humpback whales are expected to start showing up in the waters off the Pacific Coast of Panama from July. They come from the Southern Hemisphere to breed and give birth. You will see them near Isla Iguana, Pedasí, Isla Coiba, Boca Chica, and most often in Las

Tours & Places

Isla Boca Brava.

The Magical Islands of Chiriqui

The Magical Islands of Chiriqui The Magical Islands of Chiriqui. At Only one hour from the city of David, in Chiriqui province lies the Port of Boca Chica, in the San Lorenzo district. From there it is possible to hire boats to visit some of the most spectacular islands in the Gulf of Chiriqui. One

Rep of Panama

Nuevo centro de convenciones.

Amador Convention Center 2018

Amador Convention Center 2018. The Amador Convention Center was planned to boost Panama as a convention destination, but a series of setbacks has delayed this project for several years. Finally the consortium formed by China Construction America CCA and Construcciones Civiles Generales S.A., Cocige has announced that the project will be ready in 24 months,


Isthmian Update July 21

New bidders Isthmian Update July 21: At least four international duty free shop operators have shown interest in participating in future tenders held by Tocumen, S.A. In December 2017 the current concessions, which are in the hands of the Panamanian companies Waked International, S.A. (WISA) and Motta International, will expire. Since 2007 the two enterprises


Danza del Binestar.

Baldev Das Panama Lecture

Baldev Das Panama Lecture. On Sunday, July 24, a conference entitled, “Stop worrying and start living”, will be held in Panama City, delivered in Panama for the first time by the learned master Baldev Das. Baldev Das comes from India to share his wisdom, philosophy and the science of ancient Indian teachings. Having held conferences in